All the Pennies

When I was a newlywed, my husband and I lived in a ramshackle cottage in an industrial neighborhood. It was right next door to a boat dealership and in the general vicinity of a large steel manufacturing plant. There was a fresh layer of soot on the counter tops daily. The kitchen sink didn’t work, so we did our dishes in the bathtub. We put new tile in the bathroom, but we failed to remove the old tile first and therefore, the bathroom door wouldn’t shut. My husband did what any reasonable man would do in that situation – he took the door off.  In short, it was a dismal place to live, but we were young and we loved each other and eventually we got out of that hell hole and life went on. And oh yeah, I wrote a song about it called “All the Pennies.” Last week, my guitarist and I performed it
live in his studio in L.A. and here it is on your computer screen today. (Directed by Chris Duce).


P.S. You can buy this song HERE.

This Is My Song

I wrote this song in the days that followed my last goodbye to a friend who passed away of cancer. Death is a poignant teacher. For me, it stirs up all kinds of questions: “How can I create greater meaning and depth in my own life? What experience am I creating for my children? How will their memories of me as their mother be when it’s my turn to go? How can I make life more joyful?”

I love the production of this song. The drums and tambourine are so simple, but I love the beats that they fall on. (Fun factoid: I was lucky enough to have Jamie Wollam play drums on this track. He was a member of Tears for Fears’ touring band at the time and this was his favorite track on the album).

Also, many thanks to Joe Corcoran and Jess Penner for appearing in this video. Joe played the mandolin and bass on the actual recording. I invited Jess to come sing in the video simply because I love her voice and have been a fan of her music for a long time. By the way, her new album “Building Heaven,” drops on August 5th!!! I’ve previewed it and it’s absolutely awesome.

Thanks to Chris Duce for directing this video and Natalie Neal for assisting.

Strawberry Hibiscus Sorbet

I have been a fan of Raw Melissa’s foods for years. Any time I want a treat, I head to my local whole foods store and grab some of her raw macaroons. They are heavenly. Recently, Melissa invited me on her cooking show and it was a no-brainer for me to take her up on that offer. This is a tutorial on how to make an amazingly delicious and light recipe for Strawberry Hibiscus Sorbet that would be great for entertaining guests (the red color is beautifully festive as well).  Enjoy this video and make sure you visit for the full recipe.

Dance Love

Here’s something new and exciting to satisfy your hankering for a fun quirky, 80s-inspired dance music track! This song is from a brand new group called the Millenial Youth Pirates. They asked me to be the featured artist on this track. I loved the demo so much that I totally wanted in on this and I had a blast recording it.  Today they are releasing the track along with this music video featuring Olympian, Kate Hansen, who won all of our hearts in Sochi with her pre-luge dance warm-ups.  Buy the song HERE and enjoy the video below!

Crazy Love – A Homemade Video

It’s Throwback Thursday again! I made a home video of me at my piano, in my PJs, playing “Crazy Love.” Luck you. Next step is to teach you how to play it! (That video, coming soon!).  Follow more of my Throwback Thursday posts and adventures on Instagram (I’m @mindygledhill).