Christmas Special

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I want to show my appreciation for my wonderful fans! One week from today I will be having a Christmas special on my  online store! Any CD, singed for $7. Starting at 12 am on November 27 and ending at 12 am December 1st. Happy holidays!



New Album News!!!

Hive Riot Album Cover

I noticed it’s been way too long since my last post! I have been crazy busy working on a new project to share with all of you: Hive Riot! Hive riot is an 80′s inspired synth-pop duo that will take you to new retro-dancing heights. It has been such a pleasure to work with my brother-in-law Dustin Gledhill on this. Listen to our two singles Sherlock and Kiss My Lips You Fool. Pre-order by 10/27 to get the album almost 3 months early on our PledgeMusic campaign. Also pledge to get other special offers, like a ride in my tour bus or song writing session with me. These offers are only available till Tuesday night on October 27th!


Japan Tour! 6/19 – 6/29


Hello, Japan! I am so excited to being doing shows in your beautiful country for the next ten days! For tickets and show times, please click HERE. So excited to meet new friends and wrap my arms around the friends I made the last time I was here. See you soon!

“The Bandwagon,” Episode 4: Tour Bus Trouble Makes Nashville Feel Out of Reach

When you go to a concert and absorb everything that is happening on stage, it’s easy to be oblivious to all that goes into making that concert happen. Part of my desire to have my family join me on the road, was so that my kids could see the effort that goes into a show. As humans, any opportunity we get to understand the process of things, offers us a greater sense of gratitude for them. In this episode, we head to Nashville, TN to do a concert. Without the skills of my amazing husband in fixing the bus, without the cooperation of my band and crew, we wouldn’t have made it at all. Watch our adventures by clicking on the image above!

“Little Red Bike” – Live at Block 100 Antiques and Mercantile

This song is so nostalgic for me. Clearly, it’s about learning to ride a bike as a child. Mine was a little red Schwinn that all of my eight siblings also learned to ride on. But it’s really about so much more than that. It’s about letting go. Trusting. Being independent and differentiating from our parents. I set up my keyboard in the middle of one of my favorite places to feel nostalgic (Block 100 Antiques & Mercantile in Provo, UT). I closed my eyes and shut the sounds around me out of my head. And I let go.

Thanks to Joe Corcoran for playing with me, to Daren Smith for filming and directing, and Russ & Sharon Evans for letting me invade their beautiful store.